Ghana: Workshop to empower young Muslim girls opens in Tuba

Morkporkpor Anku (Accra, Ghana)- A workshop aims at equipping the Ghanaian young Muslim girls to become responsible women, opened on Friday in Tuba near Kokrobite in the Greater Accra.

The three-day workshop is also intended to encourage the girls to appreciate the crucial value of education both secular and Islamic to be able to take up leadership roles in society.

It has the theme: “Empowering the Muslim Youth to Attain Greater Heights”. It was organised by the Federation of Muslim Women’s Association (FOMWAG) in collaboration with the youth wing of FOMWAG.

Hajia Fatima Suleiman, National President of FOMWAG, in an interview with  said this year’s workshop is the 10th in the series, which had seen much improvement over the years beginning with a small group.

Hajia Samia Zouein, National Treasurer of FOMWAG, speaking on the advantages of time to the youth said it (time) is a greater commodity when lost it could not be regained.

She said, to attain greater heights, the young girls should make sure they stuck to time in all their endeavours, noting that a lot of the youth wasted time on unprofitable ventures.

Explaining further, Hajia Samia said, most youth spent a considerable amount of time watching television, which sometimes does not add value to their lives.

She urged them to appreciate their cultural heritage, to feel proud of where they came from and to believe that Allah created them uniquely in His image. Hajia Samia observed that watching television created images in the minds of the individual, which they intended to accept as true.

“Work on your education, let your personal life with Allah be constant and he will enhance your social life,” Hajia Samia added.

Sheikh Seebaway Zakariah, an Islamic Scholar, said most Muslim youths did not appreciate Islam, saying the religion was the greatest thing done for human beings by Allah. He said the difference between dreaming and reality was hard work, determination and ambition, and noted that the youth could reach great heights when they remained focus on what they chose to do.

Sheikh Zakariah told the youth that the choice to change their destiny lay in their hands. He urged them to be creative to bring out the Allah given talent in them, saying ”Be prayerful, learn to be spiritual and read the Quran always to enrich your knowledge in Islam”.

Ms Rahima Obeng, Regional President of FOMWAG youth wing, said the workshop was also to educate the Muslim girls on their civic rights and responsibilities.  She said this was to enable them to avoid all forms of vices in society.