Ghana: UG students blame media and police over Amina saga

Some students of the University of Ghana are accusing the media for blowing the infamous Amina ‘fingering’ saga out of proportion.

They are also angry with university authorities as well as the police for the timing of the investigation and prosecution of the alleged culprits.

Nine students alleged to have sexually molested a suspected phone and laptop thief- Amina Haruna were granted bail by a court in Accra on Friday to enable them write their exams which is to begin on Saturday.

But some students believe the action will take a heavy psychological toll on the students and could affect their performance in the exams.

Joy News’ Francisca Forson went to the Mensah Sarbah Hall of the University, where the incident took place and reported the students are incensed.

“The manner in which the justice system is being meted out to our colleagues is not really appropriate. Tomorrow exams commences and you keep students for three days and you release them a day before the exams. I think that at this point some psychological trauma has already been built up in all university of Ghana students,” the JCR President said in an interview.

“When the thing happened a lot of people actually came in because it was a thief that was caught and there is no rule in Ghana which says when a thief is caught don’t go close,” another student of the hall said, adding, that there were other students from other halls who came to watch what was going and “yet the thing has been like its only us. There are other students from other halls. And then the media comes and goes to distort the whole thing,” she accused.

“I have been disappointed that the media has blown the issue out of proportion and even gone to the extent of disclosing some details that has got nothing to do with the case. I want the public to know that Amina is a thief and every thief is a liar because to the best of my knowledge eight of the students are innocent,” another disappointed student said.

Meanwhile, counsel for three of the accused students, Rockson Nelson Dakpemakpo was thankful to the judge for granting bail to his clients.

He said his clients are back on campus to prepare feverishly for their exams.

He blamed the university authorities for keeping too long with investigations; something he said has affected his clients preparation for the exams.

He also chided the police for doing very little to prevent the incident, saying the students reported the conduct of the victim on three different occasions and took the law into their own hands on the fourth occasion- an action he did not subscribe to.

He would not say anything that will jeorpardise his defence but said he will create doubts in the minds of the court officials.