Ghana: Liberia Government delegation visit Budumburam

By Correspondent, Buduburam, Central Region, Ghana – Barely one week after the incident at the Liberian refugee settlement of Budumburam a team of 5 member  sent by the government of Liberia has pay a visit to the to get purposely get a first-hand information on the situation that took place a week ago and also meet with stakeholders of the refugees in Ghana .

The was made up of 4 government representative and a journalist ,they were Ambassador George Wallace-Advisor to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Foreign Affairs Issues,Hon. Elizabeth E. Hoff ,Deputy Minister for Technical Service, Ministry of Information/Cultural and Tourism ,Cllr Wheatonia Y. Dixon Barnes ,Executive Director LRRRC and Hon. Fredie R.Taylor,Jr ,Deputy Minister Administration & Public Safety and Phillip N. Wessieh,Managing Editor –Inquirer Newspaper-Liberia .

Residences of the settlement defile the scorching sun to come out to listen to the delegation.

The plight of many Liberian concerns include arrest of more than 50 Liberian and sent to court ,expecting to reappear on 1st March , Killing of alleged 5 person with 1 person confirm dead, durable solution package promised by UNHCR ,the attitude and consistent position of the Liberia Embassy-Ghana towards Liberian refugees, the living conditions of Liberians on the settlement ,many also called for improvement in the social needs of the refugees, the President of –Liberian Student Association –Ghana also called for the release Liberian students presently at Ankafo Prisons as many have to write their exams within this period ,out of the arrested persons from the settlement is alleged that more 25 are students. Call for the release of more than 10 Liberian citizens who are still languishing in prison at the Ankafo Prison in Cape Coast since the 2008 infamous incidence.

In a respond to the plights of the Liberian the delegation said, they are here to speak to the authorities in Ghana on the state of affairs, discuss new measures to solve the refugee problem at the settlement, also arrange for a way to convey  refugees who will want to go back home.

The Boss of LRRRC, Cllr Barnes disclose that packages of refugees are still pending and upon arrivals will get a plot of land to build their home ,all fund agreed upon for repatriation for all Liberia refugees from Ghana .

The Chairman of the Delegation was also of the view for resettlement, the there are discussion during the week and expected to leave for Liberia on Wednesday and will return to discuss with the President Sirleaf but certain of good result. Hinted that there will a meeting with UNHCR, United Nations High Commission for Refugees and the camp authorities to run the affairs of the camp until a date was fixed for the election of a new leader, the group refused to obey such an order. They are expected to have press briefing before they return to Liberia to let the media know what came out of their discussions.

According to reports one of the injured, a 13-year-old girl, who was returning from church, was hit by a stray bullet while an old woman was hit in the face with a stone following a confrontation between some refugees and the police officers who were detailed to the place to ensure peace and order.

Shout-Africa will keep you inform on the discussion of the delegation .