Ghana: ITF Caravan stops in Accra en route to 6 African countries

By Peterking Quaye, from Accra, Ghana for – The International Transport Federation (ITF) Representative in Ghana during received the ITF Caravan from Nigeria at the Head office of the TUC in Accra .The stoppage in Accra is the first in the series of  stops across the west African sub region by the ITF Caravan .

The Speaker at the shot ceremony called on managements of transport organisations to attach maximum importance to conditions of service of transport workers for job satisfaction and continuous loyalty.

At a handling over ceremony in Accra at the TUC head office in Accra, more than 11 union members made the demands clear to the stakeholder and called for urgent actions to be taken. Their demand included the right to proper wages and employment ,conditions continued in union negotiated collective employment contract ,The right to join a domestic union, the rights to join a democratic union ,the right to paid holidays ,the rights to social protection ,the rights to free from harassment by authorities .

Mr Emmanuel Armstrong Mensah, Coordinating Secretary of the Federation of Transport Unions (FTU) of the Trades Union Congress, said transport organizations should employ instructors for their training schools to give their drivers periodic training to equip them with requisite skills.

ITF to sensitize all road users and stakeholders in the road transport industry and focus on strategies and practices that need to be adopted to achieve greater sustainable growth and development in the industry ,focus on global trends and render best services to their various organizations. He said there was the need for collaboration between stakeholders to ensure that their rights and aspirations became the centre stage in all operations and activities of the industry.

The problems confronting the industry, he noted, should be solved through collective efforts by government, employers and transport unions through continuous sensitization and adequate training.

Problems such as drunk driving, speeding, blatant disregard for road signs and lack of maintenance were some of the causes of carnage on the roads that created a negative image for the transport industry.

Mr Mensah said if this was not checked it would discourage investors from doing business in the industry. He urged drivers and road users as well as stakeholders to ensure that the driving profession was completely devoid of acts that wrecked havoc on the roads. Urged drivers to be professional and strain every nerve and continue to remain loyal to their organisations so that they could meet their set target to promote growth in the industry.

Speaking at the event Mr Noble Appiah, Executive Director of the National Road Safety Commission, said road safety involved the human resource base of the country and should be a matter of concern to all. Advice drivers to change their attitudes, be disciplined, cautious and act responsibly on the roads. Policy makers and sector organizations should also attach urgency and commitment to road safety issues.