Ghana: Ghanaian actress allegedly involved in big cocaine related case

Beverly Afaglo

Beverly Afaglo

By Shout-Africa Correspondent – reports from Accra,Ghana – Ghanaian actress Beverly Afaglo is in tears over reports that she is under police investigations in a cocaine-related scandal.

Beverly and Eugene Baah aka Praye Honeho, a member of the Praye Hiplife trio, are believed to be lovers. The cocaine stories about the actress started spreading after she was recently detained at the Tesano Police station in Accra over charges of reckless driving.

“They want to kill my career. I heard people say that I was arrested for cocaine and I was shocked. Can you imagine me being arrested for cocaine? It is shocking because it is not true and moreover I do not even do cocaine. They should leave me alone,” Beverly told News-one. The actress was said to have gotten angry and quarreled with the police when she was arrested, but she denied the allegation.

“I was in town and I had to pick up a friend and discuss a movie script with someone at Achimota. I was driving on an untarred road and when I was joining the main road, a police officer stopped me and said he was arresting me for bad driving and driving without using a seat belt,” Beverly confirmed the report to ace broadcaster Abeiku Santana of Okay 101.7 FM In Accra ,one of the leading local radio station setup few months ago,a member of the Despite Group of Companies.

She narrated further that the arrest was effected by three policemen who wanted to inspect her driving license. “I told him that I was shooting a movie at the Accra Mall and I have been sent to pick up my colleague and that even the car I was driving was a production car; that is why I didn’t have my driving license with me at that moment, so he should allow me to rush back. But the third officer insisted I should drive the car to the Tesano Police station.

“I have a valid license and as I said earlier, the car was not mine. Normally my license is in my wallet and I didn’t have it with me. I was driving on a rough road and I had no choice but to enter the main road through a side road. You can’t enter from anywhere because there were no traffic lights or road signs showing that you have to go left or right. Immediately I joined the road, the police said it was a dual-carriage road so I was driving badly. I never drove badly,” Beverly explained.

She further narrated that the police detained the vehicle but eventually released her to go home and report back with a valid driving license bearing her true identity. ,will follow the story and bring you the climax ,as the case is still under investigation .