By John Zyombo – Robert Shamamba journalist and director of Radio Mitumba broadcasting from the City of Uvira in South Kivu province has been arrested since December 16, 2010 by the intelligence service ANR and kept in the jail  until now.

According to ANR, the author of this arrest, is accused of having criticized the speech of President Joseph Kabila before the Congress of December 8, 2010 in Kinshasa during a debate program “outspoken”. For now he remains under arrest, the co-debaters of days are also being prosecuted and are now living in hiding including another journalist Dominique Kalonzo, Correspondent of Radio Maendeleo and a coordinator of a NGO called ELIMU.

The weekend protests were organized in the territory of Uvira on the main thoroughfares of the city to demand the immediate release of Robert Shamamba, officers of the order came to disperse the demonstrators without any compromise. The UNPC South Kivu just react to this situation, the president of the union sectional National Press Congo Kizito Mushizi castigates and condemns these arbitrary arrests and detention conditions of Robert Shamamba.