Dozens killed after heavy bombardment in Mogadishu

By Mohamed Nuxurkey – At least 12 confirmed to have dead and 53 others wounded during heavy shelling in Mogadishu, the war started after Islamist fighters Alshabab fired number of mortars and other artilleries into the presidential palace known as Villa Somalia and the parliament house where parliamentarian session  has been going on to debate over government leadership.

Hours later African Union soldiers began a shell responses targeting where the mortars were first  fired from, one government MP and other four government soldiers were among those who wounded in the attack.

Ali Museh Abdi head of ambulance service in Mogadishu says 16 people were rushed to the local hospitals specially Medina hospital.

Also Dunia Mohamed senior official at Medina hospital confirmed that they have received for almost 53 wounded all civilians. The only road which links Mogadishu and the Afgoye town was closed for hours during the artillery exchanges and later opened aftermath the attack.

“What happens to day was really war crime it just claimed about lots of lives with an hours, indiscriminate bombardment were hit in our village 5 our neighbors were lost their lives said Halima Ahmed Siyad local resident.

Alshabab asserted they have made giant progress in the latest attacks and fighting against the transitional federal government TFG and the African union peacekeepers in Mogadishu who confronted series of attacks during in the past month of holy Ramadan which Alshabab vowed to increase their war against the government.

According to the government spokesman Abdikadir Wlaayo the Somali government accused Alshabaab of taking the responsibility of today’s deadly shelling as the opposition leaders did not reacted soon.

But Mogadishu’s internally displaced people who mostly live in the outskirt of the capital Mogadishu indicated they have fled from the threat of indiscriminate bombardment which usually conducted by the African union soldiers.

“Everyone is killing us the reason remains unknown” says Abukar Hussein.

One of the internally displaced people in the outskirt of the capital Mogadishu known as Ellasha Biyaha where millions of internally displaced people IDPs are sheltering since 2007.

“But really we never seen such this attacks because we saw automatic shelling from the African Union bases, we know Alshabab is first starting the game and always making the assault , but Uganda and Burundi is firing everywhere that is what we have to escape , this is really a subject of massacre”he  added.