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Dear Friend of Shout-Africa.Com,

We are writing to you in request for your support.

As the year is quickly coming to an end, we are at a time of both reflection and preparation. During 2010, Shout-Africa.Com has undergone significant development. We have increased our capacity to reach African communities across the world.

With our growing list of contributors and an ever expanding capacity, Shout-Africa.Com is looking forward to implementing new projects that will witness growth in our international coverage. Unfortunately, most of our present funding ends this December. This leaves us with almost no funds to implement additional coverage in 2011. We may even have to close down most of our regional sections until we are able to secure additional support.

Shout-Africa.Com depends on the generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations to continue our work of distributing, sharing and disseminating news, events, entertainment and free expression. More specifically, individuals like YOU enable us to respond to requests from an ever-increasing readership as we expand our news coverage on issues and matters arising on the African continent. Furthermore, individual donations fund ongoing capacity building like the audio and visual content, as well as the interactive section for reader participation while maintaining low running costs.

Please consider supporting Shout-Africa.Com during this holiday season. No amount is too big or too small!

Information on how to DONATE can be found by contacting us.

Your generosity is more than a donation. It is an act of the heart that extends from you to the readers across Africa and the world at large.

Please support us!

Individuals like YOU make our work possible. About 85% of our budget goes to operational costs.

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Misheck Mberi


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Project Founder & Coordinator (Southern Africa)

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