Deadly clashes erupt in Mogadishu

By Mohamed NuxurkeyAs bloody fighting continued in Mogadishu’s hottest frontlines the death toll is rapidly increasing because of the scale of the war. According to the medical officials in Mogadishu at least 8 people have been killed and dozens more wounded during the fighting.

Somali Islamist  fighgters

Somali Islamist fighgters

“We have counted 8 bodies and we have also 24 wounded mostly civilians but the list includes soldiers” said Dunia Mohamed senior medical officer at Medina hospital.

“I’m waiting for the result of my mother who is now unconsciousness inside this room because I was not allowed to enter the room” said Shukri Hassan standing in front of the emergency room at Medina hospital as she was mopping a tear from her eyes. “I could not imagine my attention because I’m in frustrated” she added.

“Omar Shireh who is also accompanying the family told that their home was shaken by a mortar this morning, five people got hurt but a mother in law is seriously wounded and we are worried at this time how her situation is. She is now being treated in that room said Shireh.

“Our home shook by a  mortar fired from insurgent held positions , my sister who was pregnant for 6 months has just died in this hospital and still her body is not yet buried we are just wanted to receive help and then to bury her, also two of our children were wounded and they are just rather recovering, yes they have  had  good care” said Geesey.

Hospitals have become overwhelmed by the casualties and started to resettle the wounds under the trees in the hospital.

Two of young babies are among those who wounded in the latest fighting in Mogadishu with one of them having serious wounds.

Regarding the war Somali, Government and African Union forces claimed victory over latest fighting and Major Barijie Bohuku the spokesman of African union mission in Somalia says that three of insurgent vehicles were burnt in the fighting by the their troops.

Clashes sustained after battalions of African Union moved into new areas to start fresh grounds of new bases near former military hospital in capital of Mogadishu.