Congolese women call for support to highlight the burning issues happening in the Congo

As Congolese women, we’re extremely concerned that millions of Congolese women, men, girls and children have been violently raped and mutilated over the past decade in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and still are while the world watches in silence. Our aim is to raise awareness and tell the truth of what is really happening, expose the underlying forces that produce the war, rapes and the biblical suffering of the people of Congo in order to help people grasp the reality of the crisis.

“No report could sufficiently describe the horror that the civil populations in Zaire, which became the Democratic Republic of Congo, have endured and continue to do so”.

We request the support of men and women of the whole world. We make a point of informing while taking the whole world as a witness. The ugly paradox of the 21st century is that some of our elegant symbols of modernity; smart phones, laptops, digital cameras and jewellery are built from minerals that are fuelling mass slaughter and on-going rapes in the DR Congo.

We appeal to all human rights organizations, defenders of freedom, churches, universities and the media all over the world to get behind our campaign, to stop these atrocities now.
Each and every one of us can do something to bring an end to the suffering in the Congo and work with Congolese people to bring about change. We encourage you to bring your talents, skills, expertise, interests, and knowledge to be part of this campaign. You can help by encouraging as many people as you can to join.

Connect us with people in your network who may be able to help us in this effort.
We need the WORLD to join us; we know we can’t do it alone.

There cannot be world peace until these crimes against Congolese women are brought to an end. PLEASE JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN.

To arrange a meeting, please get back to ‘It Must Stop Campaign’, or contact Liberation General Secretary Maggie Bowden; +44 (0) 207 324 2498, 0207 324 2499,,, Website: