Cameroon: Security forces call for collaboration

By Cameroon Correspondent – The newly installed Governor for the Littoral Region, Beti Assomo Joseph, undertook a contact tour of some security services in Douala yesterday.

Joseph Beti Assomo

Joseph Beti Assomo

Security officials yesterday in the port city of Douala urged Governor Beti Assomo Joseph, who was on a contact tour of some security services, to instill a spirit of collaboration in order to ensure that authority of the State should always remain preserved. On the sideline of the visit which was entirely held behind closed doors, Colonel Nwahba Moise, Chef d’Etat Major of the Second Gendarmerie Region, also reiterated their ever-present commitment to work for the well-being of all Cameroonians.

Officials of the security services pledged their readiness to execute decisions taken by the administration. As much as insecurity is concerned, they said, such were not a matter of concern and exposure during the visit as they were being handled by hierarchy.

It is worth noting that the Governor, who at every stop received the traditional military salutations, went round the services, took pulse of the structures and their organizational chart as well as got to know the military and security structures he will be working with. He was led round most of the structures by General Obama Isidore, Commandant of the Second Gendarmerie Region.

The contact visit which continues today took the Governor through the Second Military Region, then  the Secteur Militaire Terrestre N°2, Antenne Securite Militaire, the Laision Post of the Direction General des Recheche Exterieure as well as the Gendarmerie Legion in Bonanjo. The visibly satisfied Governor Beti Assomo Joseph was installed into his function as Chief Executive Officer for the Littoral Region last March 30, 2012.