Cameroon: Police recovers guns from robbers

By Cameroon Correspondent – The robbers, who have been on the run, used the weapons to break into financial institutions.

The arrests of four armed robbers – three in the city of Douala and one in Bafoussam –  leaves no doubt that insecurity in the country is heightened by the illegal use of sophisticated weapons. Four revolvers have been recovered following ceaseless pursuing of the robbers since they broke into the FI-PME, a microcredit institution in Bonanjo, last February 20112.

Security guards to the microcredit institution, who were reportedly gagged during the attack and subsequently arrested by judicial police for complicity, showed up early this week to testify. Even though an undisclosed sum of money and other office valuables said to have been looted are yet to be recovered investigators say they have information that will lead to the discovery of the underworld warehouse and distribution channels.

Law enforcement officers are joining in the case to unearth details about the origin(s) of the weapons, considering the recurring human causalities and the great deal of disasters wrecked on institutions. Staff of the microcredit institution raised complaints such as the assault has put it off the rails of normal functioning. The curiosity of the law enforcement officers stems from the fact that the suspects are likely culpable of several murders across cities in the West and Littoral Regions.