Buthelezi speaks out against nationalisation of SA mines

By Novell Zwange – During the official opening of the Kwakunje Cultural Village, a project launched by Miranda Mineral Holdings as part of national Heritage Day celebrations yesterday, the IFP President Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP again voiced his concern with the on-going debate around the nationalisation of South Africa’s mines.

Speaking in Dundee, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP said: “This year, Heritage Day has been declared to be all about our 2010 success. This has been declared the official theme of national celebrations. I was invited by the Minister of Arts and Culture to attend an official Heritage Day event and to deliver the IFP’s message of support along these lines. While I am proud of what we achieved as a nation, and while I support our government’s initiatives to create national unity, I felt more inclined to accept Mr Ron Nel’s kind invitation to open Kwakunje Cultural Village.

“I do not want to miss this opportunity to restate my position against the nationalisation of our country’s mines. I was frustrated to see our Government fail to put an immediate stop to talks about nationalisation when they emerged within the ANC’s Youth League. It fell to our President to make government’s position clear and to assure potential investors that this is not a direction we intend to take. I feel there will be repercussions in the absence of a strong statement from our Executive Head.”

“I am well aware of the benefits which private companies have brought to the economic development of South Africa. South Africa needs investment. We welcome investment. Just as Miranda has partnered with the community of Dundee, I hope that our country may partner with those throughout the world who wish to see greater development, greater prosperity and a better quality of life for all,” said Buthelezi.