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June 2010British Council moves into new Premises

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The British Council, the United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations today announce their move into new purpose built premises at 16 Cork Road in Belgravia. The new office is secure and has been fitted out to good specifications. There is more space which is light and airy.

The move completes many exciting years as 2010 marks 30 years of British Council in Zimbabwe, making its presence here as old or as young as the country itself.  Over the years its programmes have developed and changed in response to changes in the country, changes in the UK and changes worldwide.  These days, in Harare, the British Council’s physical presence is not as notable as it was in the past but has been replaced by more programme activity on partner premises. Our move into new modern and prestigious premises is a sure sign that we are still here, proud to still be here, and still very much engaged with Zimbabweans.

“The move has been eagerly-anticipated and long-awaited internally for quite a while now, and we are pleased that it’s all finally coming to fruition,” stated Rajiv Bendre, British Council Zimbabwe Director. “The benefits of the move will become crucial over time, as we will be able to attract and receive more customers in a spacious and welcoming environment. Belgravia is a great place to conduct our business and there is also a much easier and safer parking area as opposed to our previous site.”

It has been a busy and full 30 years with many good memories and a great sense of achievement.  From libraries and books to leadership and universities, Jason Moyo to Corner House and now to Cork Road, British Council Zimbabwe has come a long way. 

The new address is

16 Cork Road,


Tel: +263 4 701419/701658 – 62

Fax: +263 4 701148

For more information, please contact:                        

Ignatius Mabasa, British Council Zimbabwe

Tel: +263 4 701419/701658 – 62Fax: +263 4 701

  • The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations.


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