Brazilian President Lula Launches “Brazil is Calling You” Campaign In Johannesburg

By Novell Zwangendaba – JOHANNESBURG – From the heart of South Africa, focus is on South America today and as Brazil takes over as the hosts of the FIFA 2014 World Cup™. Brazil launches a new international tourism campaign reaching 400 million people in a 100 countries.


“Brazil is calling you! Celebrate life here” is the new tourism campaign that was launched on Friday 09 July, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The campaign consists of movies, images and social media elements which aim to encourage the world to visit Brazil for business and leisure and take advantage of the opportunities that Brazil brings as hosts of world´s greatest sports events. Launched by President Lula and the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism through the Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur), the campaign will be broadcast from 12th July on television channels globally and on YouTube.

The new campaign is part of the Ministry of Tourism and Embratur’s strategy to increase international visitors to the country. The main objectives of this strategy, called “Plano Aquarela 2020 – International Tourism Marketing”, is to secure a 300% increase in foreign currency inflows from international tourists and to double the number of these visitors to Brazil by 2020. Brazil aims to invest approximately US$30 million into this campaign by the end of 2010.

During the launch of the campaign, which took place at Casa Brasil in Johannesburg, the movies “Apito Final” and “Sons do Brasil”, produced by the Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Meirelles, were screened. For the Ministry of Tourism and Embratur, the exposure of Brazil to the international media provides a platform for the country to demonstrate its potential as the host of the FIFA 2014 World Cup™ and of the 2016 Olympic Games.

Key initiatives for the international promotion of Brazil included in the “Brazil is Calling You! Celebrate life here” are: Movies – After the closing of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, a 30 seconds movie will be aired for two months by FIFA authorized television broadcasters. The movie “Sons do Brasil” will also be screened on international television channels (sports and news) and on YouTube (on 12-07). This will consist of 10 weeks of media activity with coverage in more than 100 countries, reaching approximately 400 million people globally. Countries incorporated in this campaign span across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Outdoor Media – Brazilian destinations are promoted at airports, on public transport and outdoor media in 12 countries.

Print Media – Circulation of the publicity campaign in newspapers and magazines in 27 countries.

Book “Brasil de todas as cores” (Brazil of all colors) – This book presents the five Brazilian regions, comprising of 12 host cities. Its content consists of illustrations of the primary tourism destinations of the country as well as the vision of artists, photographers and representatives of internationally acclaimed Brazilian artists.

YouTube – On the 12th of July, the movie will be part of YouTube’s home page and on its internal pages in the following three weeks, as well as on Embratur’s YouTube channel (

The channel has more than 100 videos of Brazilian tourism destinations, statements made by celebrities and tourists that have visited the country, in more than 70 languages.

Hotsite “Seleção Brasileira das Cidades” (Brazilian Selection of the Cities) – Presents the profile, maps, photos and videos of the principal tourism features of the 12 host cities in Portuguese, English and Spanish. To be launched on the 12th of July:

Mobile Feature – Information, maps and tourist tips about Brazilian cities can be accessed from a feature developed by Embratur for mobile phones. It allows fast access to information about the heritage and architecture, cultural attractions, open air attractions, leisure and shopping. Furthermore, the guide provides photos and access routes by means of Google Maps. Users can download the tool before a trip, whilst still in his/her own country, via the internet on a mobile phone, at, or at

Social Networks and Internet – Embratur has incorporated digital communication in the promotion of Brazil as a tourism destination, using  Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and Flickr.

DVD “Panorama Brasil: Seleção Brasileira das Cidades” (Brazil Scenery: Brazilian Selection of the Cities) – This is intended to create awareness of the country and provide imagery of the 12 host cities of the FIFA 2014 World Cup™ in Brazil. One minute movies that include illustrations of the cities and their main tourist attractions were produced together with a four minute video on Brazil.

Outdoor Media Circulation in South Africa – During the South African World Cup™, Brazil was promoted as a destination of choice at key airports and high traffic areas across the country.

Promotional material for the 12 host cities – The objective is to keep the same visual identity used by Embratur for the international promotion of Brazil. Therefore one template was created for all the host cities to use for promotional purposes.

The Brazil Sensational Experience – Casa Brasil, futuring FIFA 2014 World Cup™ host, Brazil, has been holding an exhibition from June 16 to July 11 showcasing all the country has to offer from technology and art to exports and tourism. Brazil’s multi-purpose space at the South Africa World Cup covers nearly an acre as spectators learn all the country has to offer for the 2014 Cup.

The exhibition is taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre until the end of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ and is open to the public free of charge from 14:00 to 18:00 daily. It is also open for guests and the press from 19:00 to 24:00 when events are scheduled (please check the program at

Since 2003, the Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur) – a federal state-owned agency reporting to the Ministry of Tourism has been working exclusively on the promotion, marketing and supporting to the trading of services, products and tourist destinations of Brazil abroad.

Embratur works in each priority country in partnership with tour operators and agents, to provide diversified tourist packages, keeping permanent links with the press; promoting advertising campaigns; and supporting the attraction of international events to Brazil, among other actions.