As Mohamed Nuxurkey launches series of independent reporting

As Mohamed Nuxurkey launches series of independent reporting from Puntland Somalis peacefull semi-autonomous region we come to look the background.

By Ismail Taxta – Mohamed Ali Nuxurkey is a senior Somali journalist based in Mogadishu Somalia, working as editor for well known news website Of Muqdishonews, and GBC tv based in Mogadishu the capital of Somalia, Briefly worked at Horn-Afrik radio stationed in Mogadishu for five years.

Being an independent author Mohamed wrote many documentaries and fascinating stories regarding the current phenomenon in the world,

Also he is now charring the percent leadership of trade union Organization for press freedom the South and Central Journalists Association (SOCJA), electing as president following a vote by more than 400 journalists from across Southern Somalia.

Mohamed joined the media in 1995 working as a journalist for TV, radio, and newspapers, online. International media Organizations that he has works for include Horn-Afrik radio, GBC TV.


Some of his most renowned stories from a covers  some of Somalia’s brutal ongoing conflict, a hostage situation in which he Reported on the students at a high school held captive by the Islamist militias in 2006,

In addition Mohamed has eye-witness report of a now notorious deadly suicide bombing at the Shammo Hotel in 3 December 2009, where countless students, ministers, and three of fellow journalists were killed in the attack.

Due to his deepening record in the straggle of setting peace, democracy and freedom in Somalia the journalist himself received repeated threatening of death penalty from unknown men calling him to quit his professional work or face strict consequences, and subsequently being expelled from Somali’s break away of Somaliland where he sought as an exile journalist. After fleeing the country because of high threats against his professional work to disseminate the news in reliable.