African journalists empowered on publication of investment promotion magazines

By Elias Mhegera, Beijing – African journalists have been empowered on how to publish promotional magazines by the China Investment Bureau. The exchange of knowledge came in the wake of a one day seminar with professionals dealing with the China investment magazine.

African journalists and experts from the China Investment Bureau

African journalists and experts from the China Investment Bureau

Through discussions African scribes were counselled to deal with powerful analysis, records and other ideas from communicators well versed in issues in order to impact this with the pertinent issues.

According to Prof. He Wenping, from the Institute of West-Asian and African Studies Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the magazines should include other aspects of life not only with investments.

African journalists and experts from the China Investment Bureau

African journalists and experts from the China Investment Bureau

She highlighted on having a broad picture of life for instance:  history, philosophy geography and other related societal matters. This can as well involve reports by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).

Business magazines should mention common business efforts and trade issues, but also the challenges and opportunities provided by globalization, connectivity and many other important issues worthy appearing in the media.

The magazine should involve different ideas emanating from various sectors ranging from universities, research institutions, and challenges facing the society from generation to generation like job creation, crime rate etc.

There must be an interaction of ideas i.e. from different opposing forces or power mighty and make a synthesis in an attempt to strike the balance. Journalists must execute their duties with a special feeling of how diplomatic relations can bring, what are the historical supports to these efforts.

Cover of already published copies of the China-Investment African edition magazines

Cover of already published copies of the China-Investment African edition magazines

Other matters of significance are security concerns, infrastructural networks from roads, railways, and new features in these areas. Stories can as well involve impressions from eye witnesses or visitors for the first time.

They should deal with local initiatives like contributions from the mining sector, and a sense of brotherhood emanating from visitors whenever working with them in various projects.

Moreover, researchers must be given a special impetus because their works are a real reflection on issues in the ground. For that matter continental and international seminars must be the main food for a magazine of this nature.

Other significant matters are efforts in conflict resolution in one particular area, or investigation reports on matters of mutual interest. Reporters must understand market principles and reflect this in their stories.

Knowledge of available resources in one particular area could be additional attribute. But also pertinent current international affairs and how they can impact to one particular nation.

Returns of the companies to the society through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) could be another item of interest. Coverage of consultants meetings like safety, environmental protection, energy sector, water supply sewerage systems and other such details could be added.

Cover of already published copies of the China-Investment African edition magazines

Cover of already published copies of the China-Investment African edition magazines

According to Mr. Xie Weijun, General Manager, Resource Development Department, Minmetals Mining Holding Ltd, other issues which are of interest to investors are to do with discoveries, renewable and non renewable resources.

Also promotion of new skills in the area of science and technology for instance advantages of the internet of things. The magazine needs also to inform its readers about the tax regime and working conditions.

These are for both of the international and local companies, but also to issues which might look as minor, of respecting people’s language and culture.

There should be an angle for companies to air their challenges, for instance; challenges that they are facing in securing markets, immigration status, the tax regime etc.

According to the StarTimes Group, Vice President Ms. Guo Ziqi her company would like to see stories about the cost of investing in one country, but also narrations of doing things.

They should indicate the cost of operation, market accessibility, and who are the most influential people in the area, what are their views in respect to investments and employment policies.

The number of international TV stations, the channels, human resource policies, and priority in employing local people. Other information can be mere updates of job promotions, improvement in quality, and whether investors translate their programs to the local area.

The media practitioners have the duty of branding their countries both in local and international languages, through marketing strategies, profiling them and take advantage of the online channels through creative cloud for enterprise.

This can give business everything a standout to customer experiences whenever they use their electronic devices at a touch point. Given the new technologies, Journalists were encouraged to create and collaborate efficiently information which can be accessed both in the desktop and mobile apps.

Cover of already published copies of the China-Investment African edition magazinesAfrican journalists were counseled to use various methods of media communication in order to attract investors and tourists not from China alone but from all over the world.

In this way there must be an application of a multichannel strategy; from use of stories in media documentaries, drama, and TV serial coverage. But even audio and video can be posted online to suite that purpose.

Discussions in the magazine should also talk about societal issues like the combat against HIV/Aids, successes of joint ventures in the country, people’s voices (vox populi), and a recreation industry but also the source of happiness in one particular society.

This did not mean to forget the legal implications of the published stories because journalists were also reminded of adhering to relevant media laws of the land.

China Investment magazine was established in 1985, it is published on monthly basis at the central government level being one of the China’s oldest media outlets concentrating on trends reporting in the investment arena.

For the last 31 years, this magazine has kept the Chinese investments in a global perspective, with coverage on macro-economics, industrial analyses and case studies of business undertakings.

In the meantime, this magazine has been in line with the global market as its fundamental coordinator with a strategic focus on specific countries and regional markets and those major international tendencies.

Calling for fellow African journalists to generate stories for this magazine was Mr. Armene Gasagara who said his magazine now has been regarded as a key source of references for the better understanding of economies in their operating environment.

These are sectoral and industrial outlook and cases of investments, owing to the fact that each of its new issue touches upon activities of more than 2000 Chinese companies, but also for the fact that now it is exposing Africa investment opportunities to the world.

These are listed or non-public, 1000 decision-making authorities at the central and local governments, and 300 strong major financial institutions.

Starting from May 2016 and under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Department of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the magazine’s African Edition underwent new developments.

These developments came after it started creating and providing a professional and powerful platform of dialogue for the ever larger-scale but sustainable cooperation between China and the African countries throughout the continent.