Libya: Letter to the editor from Libya

To president

Journalists For International Peace

To whom it may concern!

I am calling you to consider the current situation in Libya. Horrible and shocking massacres are taking place in Libya in cities like” Benghazi, Albaida, Ejdabia and Zentan and Tobrog, Tripoli. Please, there is a total absence of media and the Libya governments uses this absence so to kill peopl…e in dozens and hundreds. Please please please WE NEED YOUR HELP. There are no journalists no cameras to film what’s going on..please you we expect you to put pressure on the Libyan government so to send international journalist. People want ” Elghddafi” to step down, after 42 years of ruling the country. Please we are calling for natural rights …we want freedom, freedom of expression, we want health, education. By the way, many Hospitals were shut down in Benghazi and Albaida so not to help the injured protesters. Please please massacres are taking place here …we need media, international journalists.

My best regards

a Libyan woman- Tripoli
Nisoo Jaber