Letters to the Editor: World Cup 2010 Volunteers still to be paid

Dear Editor,
I am ***** ********, and was a volunteer for the fifa world cup.

I would first like to extend my gratitude towards the FIFA world cup organising committee for giving me and others a wonderful and great opportunity for working as a volunteer in helping with the organisation of the tournament. I understand and am aware that a volunteer is not supposed to get any rewards or benefits in return, but I am very disappointed with the committtee that was in charge of us as volunteers.

We were promised that we would get a stipend payment FOR THE NUMBER OF DAYS we would work, we even signed a contract, but yet again, that was not the case!!! The reason I am complain is because our stipend payments are not complementing the number of days we worked for, example, There are people like myself who worked 18 days, and as told, i was supposed to get R1800, but received R1300. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE R500??? South Africa will need volunteers in the future and no one will pitch up, because we are greatly disappointed. I am sick and tired of the corruption that is in this country. something should be done, and done soon. Please help in addressing this matter.