Letter from propaganda school/ by Mbizo Chirasha

See the ballot dust bins seething with propaganda condoms, political abortions,
Freedom stillborn
Violence is a see through pit coat that uncovers city buttocks marked
with political boils

Bring me beer bottles frothing with sanctions venom and slogan vitriol
Cigar butts dripped by tears flowing from hardy sandy faces of street vendors,
Blood gushing from rough clay palms of peasants
Empty promises and concrete bread from executive offices

Propaganda is the appetizer before the ballot dinner
Bring the slogan gloves to condomise against imperialistic gonorrhea
Marxist encyclopedia potassium to my intellectual blood

Leninist Wikipedia calcium to my mental bones
Bring me apartheid marinated Mandela profile
Crude oil soaked Kaddafi resume
Communist bleached Castro biography

Election is the deodorant defining the beauty of democracy
Perfume suppressing the rot of autocracy
Constitution is the detergent washing away sweat stains from the ballot box
Referendum is the aftershave powder drying pimples of injustice

By Mbizo Chirasha

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