Zimbabwe: COSATU condems the arrest of ISO activist in Zimbabwe

By Misheck Rusere – The Confederation of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) has condemned the arrest of the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) activists in Zimbabwe who where arrested on Saturday on allegations of trying to destabilize the government. In a statement, COSATU described as baseless the allegations that Munyaradzi Gwisai, a former MDC member of parliament for Highfield and 45 others are facing. “COSATU condemns the continued persecution of political activists in Zimbabwe and the never improving situation in that country. The detention of about 46 activists of the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) in Harare on baseless charges of plotting to topple the government indicates the state of insecurity in that country,” reads the statement.

COSATU however called upon SADC and AU to act for the betterment of democracy in Zimbabwe after a briefing from the ZCTU Deputy Secretary General, Japhet Moyo during a trilateral meeting between COSATU of South Africa, TUC of Ghana and NLC of Nigeria. Moyo indicated to the trilateral meeting that the situation in Zimbabwe was once again reaching desperate levels and that conditions for a free and fair elections are not obtaining in that country.

The South African labour body also justified the current move by ISO activists as having been motivated by the Egyptian and Tunisian experience to stand up against dictatorship and other forms of mal-governance.

“It is no doubt that the Egyptian and Tunisian experience have inspired many workers and poor people all over the world to stand up and demand an end to dictatorship, corruption and injustice of whatever kind. It is for that very reason that we call upon all workers and poor people to overthrow all forms of oppression, occupation and injustice in their countries, as we pledge our full and unconditional support to the fighting people of Bahrain, Yemen, Morocco, and Libya in their continuing struggles for democracy and justice,” reads the statement signed by Bongani Masuku, COSATU’s international Relations Secretary.