UK: Lawless justice

By Justin Zinda (LONDON, United Kingdom) – When a claimant resorts to going to courts, they intend to seek justice and nothing can really prepare them to the realization that they might enter the courtroom as a victim just to come out of it as a ‘criminal’. Sadly, this is the situation many, of what is referred to as ‘litigants in person’, are facing today in the United Kingdom.

This lawless justice, one might think, can be caused by the already entrenched principle of absolute judicial immunity which protects judges from civil ligations for actions committed in the exercise of their judicial functions. However, the roots of the problem – it has now become clear, to me at least – go deeper than that: there seems to be a systematic turning of a blind eye to injustices occurring in the UK courtrooms today.

The situation today is that some judges are passing false judgments through malice. Victims of such unlawful acts can, in principle, have redress through the appellate courts. However, the trouble is that judges who are keen to stop appellate courts reverse their decisions are now trying to adhere to their false judgments through malice by, for example, fabricating evidence or simply by ‘not being straightforward’ – as an Employment Tribunal Judge mildly put it in a recent case.

There are countless cases of manifest and palpable injustices against the law and inferred fraud by willful injustice. Yet, the UK courts seem to be turning a blind eye to this anathema to justice. Aren’t judges supposed to administer justice without fraud or guile? By condoning behaviours of such judges, who are supposed to be seen as public enemies and ravagers of the society, the United Kingdom is slowly, but surely destroying the extraordinary work of those who sacrificed their lives fighting for justice for all. This is an incredible thing to happen in this time and age!

Making people aware of blatant abuses of citizens’ human rights such as the aforementioned, especially by infringing Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights, is one of the key aims of Lawless Justice Campaign which took place in Birmingham on the 26th, in Luton on the 27th November 2010 and in London today. For more information, please visit or ‘Lawless Justice’ facebook page. The clip above highlights some of the objectives of Lawless Justice Campaign.