Zimbabweans are loved in USA- International student

By Alfred TemboBethany Nedziwe a 19 year old international student has described the life for Zimbabweans living in United States of America as superb.



Nedziwe who returned from the United States of America only three days ago was in Gweru yesterday to give a speech on Lynn University during the introductory session conducted at US Education Centre.

She said, “Zimbabweans are loved and every Zimbabwean at Lynn University is known by the president of USA personally.”

While on the other hand, Nedziwe said regardless of the united state being the best country in the world that offers the best education, it is common to find that some people do not know a thing about Zimbabwe.

“Some Americans are too ignorant, if you tell them you come from Zimbabwe, they can confidently ask you, is it close to Kenya?”

“Others think that Africa is just one big county” she said.”

The pleasure of studying in USA lies in studying with equipment that students see and can always relate to when studying.

“It is interesting to study with all the necessary and need equipment around you. They are ample resources for anything one wants to do. A reason l ways wanted to study in the states.”

On being one of the few student international student from Africa, Nedziwe said,”…being an Ambassador goes with a lot of energy and you have to respond honestly which a responsibility that every international student carries round. It’s simply a national duty to study elsewhere away from home where if you do something or you want to do something you thing of others back home first.”

Nedziwe is a freshman year BS in Psychology; she studied at Arundel School in Mount Pleasant in Harare where she grew up. She now lives in Boca Raton, Florida where she is pursing her academic fulfilments, at Lynn University, a private college, where is one of 90 nations who are accepted yearly from across the world.