Zimbabwe: Norton prophet dismisses ‘Chinhoyi snake story’ as a hoax

BY   OWN CORRESPONDENT – A Norton-based prophet has dismissed claims the story that was heard on National Fm recently were a woman aged 22 claimed to possess a big snake and was seeking help from  ‘robed prophets’ popularly known as ‘madzibaba’ here .

Prophet Brighton Chikomo who heads Bright Light Prophetic ministries says people should not be hoodwinked by the ‘fake prophets’ who are feeling the heat because most people are now flocking to Pentecostal churches   for deliverance.

The prophet during a church service

The prophet during a church service

“I would like to warn people that there should not be fooled  by ‘madzibaba’ who have seen that the number of people seeking for their services has dwindled and are now  playing up people to believe that they have the powers.

“I am challenging them and particularly after I heard that story on National Fm which I strongly dismiss as a gimmick,” challenged Chikomo.

The story of the Chinhoyi woman sent shivers down the spines of many when one prophet who claimed to have been consulted for help   claimed that the women possessed a big snake which she inherited from her mother and is spewing money such that she is living large driving top of the range vehicles. You can visit the following link to get the full story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIx8nje7fHg.

The attack by Prophet Chikomo on the white- clothed prophets  reminds of  Prophet Magaya’ s attack on the apostolic sects  that was revealed in  his book which saw a near nasty collision between the two parties.

Meanwhile , the charismatic leader will be in Bulawayo this Friday where he is set to celebrate his birthday with congregants at the Bulawayo continental hotel .

“I urge people of Bulawayo to come in their numbers as the good work of the Almighty will be witnessed. Like I have always said my miracles are grounded in the word of God,” said Prophet Chikomo.

Zimbabwe has seen an upsurge of prosperity prophets who many have dismissed as money-seekers. They  now constitute a very big number in news making with popular prophets like Magaya and Makandiwa at one point clashing on the statistics that had put the former as the biggest news maker in that year by a local newspaper.