The Japanese Tsunami and God – Part 4 of 4


Click here for part 3 – By Ozodi Thomas Osuji – Twentieth century America produced two excellent books on spirituality, Alcohol Anonymous’ Big Book and Helen Schuman’s A course in miracles. If you have not read both books please do.  Schuman’s book is arguably the best book ever written by a poet on the nature of God and the world. Its one flaw is that the writer made it seem that the son of God is apart from God hence created this world and is responsible for this world and is to be blamed and his father not to be blamed. The book can, despite its calls for you not to feel guilty, make you feel guilty for it made it clear that you, the son of God, along with all your brothers, us, invented this world and is responsible for the events in this world. It is partially right; it is the son of God who invented this world. However, since the son of God is an extension of God and contains all of God it follows that God invented this world. You cannot separate the two and allot responsibility to one and not the other. We have a tendency of wanting to spare God and blame ourselves for the state of the world; we make God the good guy and us the bad guy (that is an ego trick to make us feel guilty and make us seem superior to God).

Now listen and listen carefully. There is God. There is God the Son. There is God the Holy Spirit. All three are the same God. God extended his oneself to his son.  God is not apart from his son.

As his son, God wished to dream the opposite of his real self. Thus, he seemed to go to sleep and dream this world.

God (the father) remains awake in spirit. That wake God then entered the world of dream he made through his son as the Holy Spirit.

The point is that it is one God at play in the drama called our world. We must give responsibility for the world to God, to his son and to the Holy Spirit, and not do what cowardly theologians do: blame man and not blame his maker; they blame us to please God and get his blessing. This is foolishness for God created us and therefore is responsible for our actions; if he had not created us we would not have done what we did!

There is no need to blame God the son or his dream self, the ego. All that needs to be done is to study the world we made and then correct its errors. We made the world in self-hatred. All we need to do is now love ourselves and all people in the world. Love you and love every person you see. In so doing you make your world a happy one. It is still not a real world, it is still a dream world but it is now a happy dream.

There is a real world, what folks call heaven. It is as real as night and day; in fact, despite the rubbish written by atheistic scientists it is the only real world. Do you want to find out?

Then try this. Resolve to love you and love all people. No matter what people do to you do not hate them, for to hate them is to hate you since they are joined to you. Love all; forgive most behaviors except harmful ones (correct harmful behaviors with love). Become a loving person.

Then try meditation. In meditation you ignore the thinking of your conceptual mind; you tune out the objective world and do not acknowledge your thinking; you see your ego thinking as noise; you attain what Buddhists call no self, void, empty mind.

If you can stop all thinking and attain inner peace for one hour you would escape from this world and first go to a world of light forms, a world still like our world, still a hallucination (our world is hallucination) but things would be in light forms and look more beautiful than they are on earth. You would see your dead ancestors, dogs, trees etc. there. That world is not real; it is our world reinterpreted by love, the Holy Spirit.

Tune out the world of light forms and continue meditating. Eventually you would reach a world that is pure light, spirit world where all are joined, where each of us is all of us, where there is no you and I, no self and non-self, a joined world of no subject and object, a world of union. That world is eternal, permanent and immortal. It is our real home. It is ineffable and no one really can explain it in words for there is no need for words in it. It is a world of oneness and all persons are one so there is no person who is not you for you to talk to. There is no need for language or speech in it. Yet there is knowledge in it, each person knows everything there is to know.

I cannot explain the world that mystics experience; you just have to experience it to know that it is real (to experience heaven you must meet its condition: unconditional love for you and all people, forgiveness for you and all persons) and when you experience it you stop arguing about its reality or lack of reality.

Modern physics is beginning to realize that where we live, our world of space time and matter are other worlds. The idea of parallel universe or multiverse says that in the same space we live in are infinite universes yet we cannot experience them. There is talk of creating wormholes and tunneling to those other universes around us.

Physics has recognized that visible matter and energy is only about one percent of the universe and that the rest is invisible dark matter and energy. That ninety nine percent of the universe that is all around us but we do not see it contain the world of light forms and the spiritual universe.

For now what is salient is that there are other universes and one of them is what folks call heaven, the world of God. It has no name but call it what you like, it is a world of formlessness, a world of unified spirit where we are all one, a world where we share one self and one mind.

That world of union is our real home. We are like the Christian prodigal son who left his home and wandered off to go live independently, separatedly. When we recognize that we cannot separate from our real home we return home and it rejoins us(we carried it to wherever we went for it is everywhere we go; a journey away from God, away from our real self, is a journey to nowhere and a journey without a distance for we are always in us, in God).

Our present world is a dream. We invented it. We remain in spirit and invented a dream world.  We, as it were, temporarily went insane, psychotic and invented a psychotic world where we live the opposite of our true world. In this world all the bad things we experience happen to us. It is a world that is the opposite of love and unloving things happen in it.

Thus, we have tsunamis etc. that seem to cause us harm and death. In this world bad things happen to us; we need to study science and use it to understand how things here happen and develop technology and use it to make our dream existence pleasant.

Pleasant or not the world is still an illusion (in fact the world is a delusion where we believe what is not there to be there; it is hallucination where we see what is not there as there). Psychotic or not we can make our world pleasant through science and technology.

As long as we desire to live apart from our true selves we can make our false selves and its world pleasant and make our world a happy dream via loving one another.

What we saw unfold in Japan on March 12 is to us real. Tsunamis do happen. As far as science is concerned these things are as a result of the workings of the world of matter, space and time; they seem accidental, chance and Ransom. We can look at them that way. But if we choose to we can also see them as what happens in an insane world we constructed while sleeping and dreaming a world that is the opposite of our real world of unified spirit.

We do not need to quibble about the truth of metaphysics. Until you have experienced oneness it is only noise to you but when you experience it you would stop arguing.

We can go to Japan and to wherever there are natural disasters and help those involved. Love and care for all people and that would make your dream a happy one. That is just about all that we can attain in the world of dreams.

There is a meaningful world but it is a world outside our present world. Our present world is a meaningless, purposeless world, a world where bad things happen to us. The only good news is that we choose it.

Now revisit my dream at the age of four. Who did the dreaming? I did the dreaming. What that means is that everything that happens to me on earth is my dream, my choice. Of course I do not understand how I do the dreaming. Nobody understands dreams.

Freud is correct in saying that we first make wishes for the impossible, for what cannot happen in the world of reality and then dream a world where they happen. Dreams are wish fulfillment.

Freud limited his psychology to this world. But psychology is more than ego psychology. Psychology can be extended to spirit.

In spiritual psychology (using the ego psychology for spiritual understanding, the Holy Spirit uses what he ego made to separate us from God to lead us to God) we say that we wished to separate from our true self, unified self, the union of God and his sons and could not fulfill that wish for reality is always unified. What we cannot satisfy in spiritual reality we dream.

Our world is the dream in which our wishes for specialness and separation are met. The world is an illusion, delusion, hallucination, psychosis.

If it is difficult for you to accept the Gnostic philosophy explicated here then just accept the teachings of science, and study physics, chemistry, biology and earth science. Regarding why terrible things like tsunami occur attribute it to the workings of nature and chance. If you can live with that explanation or non-explanation, that is okay.

Gnostic explanation is not for every person, certainly not at this time for each of us is in a different state of development, mental, emotional and physical. To your own self be true; acknowledge where developmentally you are and respect it; do not try to be elsewhere, you cannot anyway. Cheers.