South Africa: Give the gift of love

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, (14 February) a new survey shows that the best gift a man can give to his partner is love.

The results of a global survey from Durex, released to coincide with Valentine’s Day, reveal that almost eight out of 10 South African women (79%) and 62% of men say that the emotional aspects of sex – feeling loved, respected and intimate – are more important for women than for men.

Almost nine out of 10 South African women (89%) agree that sex brings them closer to their partner emotionally. And it seems that South African men are succeeding in getting in touch with their softer sides, as 87% of South African women say they feel loved during sex.

South African men and women are also doing well in making their partners happy, with 85% of men and 82% of women saying their partner is good at giving them sexual pleasure.

“It is great to see that South African men seem to be getting it right when it comes to love and sex,” says, Durex South Africa. “But there is still plenty of room for improvement and it seems that the message is that you should not neglect the emotional side of your relationship.

“Couples should try to include talking and closeness in their relationship and perhaps a relaxing and sensuous massage to help improve the experience further for both partners.”

More than 29,000 people in 36 countries took part in the Durex survey, carried out online and in face-face interviews by Harris Interactive.