Origin and Cure for Aids, Antiretrovirals, Good or Bad Science? , continued. Part 6

By Frides Laméris, Netherlands – Continued from here -Today, in this second contribution about antiretrovirals we’ll consult a book written by an English senior investigative journalist, Mrs. Janine Roberts. She has become well known by her ground breaking research on the De Beers Diamond Empire, about which she has published the book Greed en Glitter. On the basis of this book the BBC has produced a whistle blowing documentary, which has also been shown on US television (more info on: http://www.sparks-of-light.org/)  Mrs. Roberts has also published a fine book, called Fear of The Invisible (2d print, 2009), subtitled “How scared should we be of Viruses and Vaccines, HIV and Aids? Though not comparable to our previous publication about retrovirals (link…….) , highlighted by the solid science approach of the subject by Adv. Anthony Brink from the Treatment Information Group (www.tig.org.za ), Mrs. Roberts as a journalist also has fierce criticism on the antiretroviral drugs, based on her critical reading of many reports.

Fear of the Invisible - Janine Roberts

Fear of the Invisible - Janine Roberts

In chapter 18 of Fear of the Invisible, called But Antiretroviral Drugs help AIDS patients? Roberts describes her growing insights into the devastating nature of AZT and the cocktail mix of antiretrovirals which is these days applied under the name HAART – highly active antiretroviral therapy. She notices that even the manufacturers of these antiretroviral drugs acknowledge that the working of these drugs is designed and aimed against the most basic operations of a cell, such as  making DNA. AZT (zidovudine) is a class of drugs known as ‘Nucleoside RT inhibitors’ that target the bone marrow cells that create our red blood cells. The drugs are manipulating the cells in such a way that certain processes in the cell are blocked, the very reason for which these drugs are also known as ‘Terminators’ .  Questioning the terminating nature of the drug she asks the question: How could such a drastic termination be in the slightest bit healthy?  And another question: “Does it kill blood cells’?  She provides some answers in the following lines.

A 1988 study reported that a third of the patients required blood transfusion  soon after treatment. But also in more recent studies the same phenomenon was still reported. One study, retrospectively evaluating the record of over 30.000 HIV-infected patients in the USA, noticed that .. `a total of 41.5 % of those with a history of ZVD (AZT) in the past 6 months and 27.7% of those without such history were anemic at baseline´.  The same study stated that there were  strong statistical associations between worsening parameters of HIV disease and increased likelihood´ of anemia.` Roberts notices that these days manufacturers of these antiretroviral drugs admit  that the drugs can kill both white and red blood cells, which actually is the very same thing HIV is supposed to do!

Coming back to the subject of safety trials also other drugs than AZT have been released without proper long/term safety trials and studies.  No placebo trials were used, that are executed for other drugs. Such was the hurry to make these drugs available, suggesting an emergency without heading any principle of precaution.

Even a 2000 Lancet article underscored the fact that because of the severity of the HIV epidemics a licensing of many antiretroviral agents had occurred ‘often with very little known about long-term safety’.

More alarmingly, thus Mrs. Roberts, she found the fact that the serious and adverse side effects of the antiretroviral drugs often proved to be difficult to distinguish from the AIDS symptoms itself. This was not only agreed upon by some manufacturers  in their product inserts, but it was also born out several studies.  In addition some medical reference works have also confirmed this fact.

This then raises the question why in the media antiretrovirals have often been labeled as “life-saving”. According to Roberts scientific data about antiretrovirals are generally depressing. When the press has been reporting the great success of HAART (highly active retroviral therapy) , scientific studies indicate a different reality.  So one study reported: “ opportunistic infections , AIDS-associated malignant conditions and other non-infectious diseases  …. often appeared shortly after the introduction of HAART ( Desimone et al., Ann Int. Med, 2000). Roberts therefore has come to the conclusion that in the scientific literature she has taken notice of, there seems to be very little or even experimental evidence that these drugs really keep people alive. It is also noted in studies that often the deadly disease PCP (Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia) strikes the AIDS patients after they have started their antiretroviral regimen. A pub med article of the Natural Institutes of Health (NIH) is quoted, stating: “  ….. PCP manifesting acutely during the initiation of antiretroviral therapy is a well recognized phenomenon.”

And after much more exposure of the health dangers of the antiretroviral drugs, she also notices the good work of Adv. Brink (see Origin of Aids, pt 5) whom she describes as being engaged in a battle royal in South Africa where Brink with his Treatment Information Group (TIG)  is opposing Zackie Achmats Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) as we saw before.  She states that  Brink  who has extensively researched the workings of antiretrovirals ,  has found that the scientific evidence  for the grave toxicity of these drugs  is so strong that the reason for the death of many thousands of Africans being on HAART may have well been caused by taking this very therapy. Brink has therefore declared the description  of these drugs ‘criminally irresponsible’ (quoted in open letter on www.tig.org. za ).

And for those readers who would like to know more about different horrific aspects of antiretrovirals as portrayed by Janine Roberts,  they should please consult her book Fear of the Invisible (Impact  Investigative Media Productions, 2009).

But one last remark  we cannot refrain from in this short article is the scandalous  fact Roberts is revealing about medical authorities wanting to hide the adverse side effects of antiretrovirals. She ironically states:  ´It is supposed to take HIV up to  10 years to destroy the immune system.´ The antiretroviral drugs (however) can do the job much faster, implying the very thing that is supposed to treat aids is causing aids!

The medical industry has made all the adverse effects of antiretrovirals into a new sickness or syndrome and call this  IRS – The Immune Reconstitution Syndrome. Roberts describes two reports: a study from S.A. Shelburne, et al. Medicine 81:231-27, 2002, details all the symptoms of IRS, and the CDC HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report, year and edition, 1997, detailing all the AIDS symptoms

It turns out that the twelve items mentioned in these separate list for IRS and AIDS  are 100% identical:  Kaposi Sarcoma, MAC, TB, Cryptococcus, Fungal Pneumonia (PCP), Cytomegalovirus, Histoplasmosis, Herpes, Leukoencephalopathy, Leprosy, Meningitis and Lymphoma . A grave warning Roberts gives to those people who may test falsely positive on a HIV-test. Be aware, being healthy and taking antiretrovirals you may be getting aids from these medicines!

Having seen now that there is no perspective of a cure from antiretroviral therapy for aids, in our next contribution we will return to the suppressed and more effective aids medicines and cures as described by Johan van Dongen in his book Aids, the greatest medical crime in history.

To be continued