HASA Media Statement – response to Minister of Health’s public address on 23 April

25 April 2012 – The Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA) has noted the public address by the Minister of Health in Sandton on 23 April. The Association is particularly supportive of the call by the Health Minister for South Africans to start viewing the health sector as one of diverse resources that must be used collectively to address service delivery challenges, using both the public and private sector resources.

HASA maintains that the huge unmet need for healthcare services in this country can best be addressed through innovative and new ways of solving these service delivery challenges. For HASA and its members, it is important to craft the future path through meaningful engagement with stakeholders and leaders in the public sector, civil society and government.

HASA views the major health policy reforms currently underway in South Africa as an initiative that is aimed at correcting the ills that are prevalent within the healthcare sector. It believes that positive contributions from all relevant stakeholders are required in guiding this journey towards a reformed health system. In this regard, HASA has committed to direct and sincere engagement with the Ministry, the Department of Health, policy makers and other key stakeholders. HASA sees this as the most meaningful way of shaping the path towards universal access.