New Miss Zimbabwe Licencees

To improve the quality of the Miss Zimbabwe Contest, new licensees to host the preliminaries to the contest will be appointed worldwide.

The Managing Director of Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase, Chiedza ZiyambeOver the last few years, the Miss Zimbabwe Trust has been looking for ways to improve the quality of the contest. One of the ways it has sought to do this is to improve the quality of the contestants and the regional contests that feed into the main contest.

As part of this focus on improvement, the way preliminary shows in Zimbabwe and abroad are managed will be improved. These contests are to be more focused on promoting the contestants and Zimbabwe. In a press briefing, the founder of the Miss Zimbabwe Trust, Crispen Sachikonye, who has been in strategic discussions with various stakeholders, said that new licensees will be appointed for various regions. He said that the identification of licensees was now at an advanced stage with for example, Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase being selected as a licensee for Miss Zimbabwe UK.

Other licensees that are being appointed are for Miss Zimbabwe USA, Miss Zimbabwe Canada, Miss Zimbabwe South Africa and of course Miss Zimbabwe from within Zimbabwe. Mr Sachikonye said that only contestants from these licensed contests, or those directly sanctioned by the Trust, will have a chance of becoming Miss Zimbabwe.

Besides improving the quality of the contest, this move will help unify Zimbabwean efforts to market the country and its people. It is also part of a wider effort to develop a contest that reflects Zimbabwe more accurately.

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