Zimbabwe: Invitation To “The Constituent Power” This Thursday

NANGO invites you to a dialogue on ‘The Constituent Power’ Thursday 18 November 2010 at the Book Cafe (5.30pm-7.00pm), with constitutional expert and Fullbright Professor, Professor Andrew Arato. The dialogue is a platform for engaging in a critical analysis of the options available for moving Zimbabwe towards full democratic transition. The dialogue examines in depth the role of civil society in monitoring constitutional reform and referendum processes.

Professor Arato is the Dorothy Hart Hirshon Professor in Political and Social Theory, New School for Social Research, New York.  His interests include the politics of civil society; constitutional theory; comparative politics of constitution making; religion, secularism and constitutions. He teaches also general courses in political sociology, social theory and sociology of religion.
The scholarly research of Professor Arato is widely recognized and conferences and sessions have been organized around his work at University of Glasgow Law School in Spring 2009; and KocUniversity, Istanbul, in December 2009, as well as at the Faculty of Law.   Andrew Arato have also been appointed Honorary Professor, and Bram Fischer Visiting Scholar at the School of Law, University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg (June 2010 – June 2011)

Professor Arato served as a consultant for the Hungarian Parliament on constitutional issues: 1996-1997, and as U.S. State Department Democracy Lecturer and Consultant (on Constitutional issues) Nepal 2007. He also taught at Ecole des Hautes Etudes, and Sciences Po in Paris, and the Central European University in Budapest, had a Fulbright teaching grant to Montevideo in 1991, and was Distinguished Fulbright Professor at the Goethe University in Frankfurt/M, Germany.

For more information, contact NANGO on 04-708761/ 0772 384 846 or zvik@nango.org.zw