West Africa: From Freemuse – An Opportunity To Network

By Novell Zwange – Freemuse is looking for journalists, lawyers, academics, musicians and human rights activists who are already working on freedom of expression issues in west Africa to come together to form a network which will work for freedom of expression for musicians.

Typically, members of the network could provide support in any of these areas, in the country of their residence:

– Documenting cases (journalistically and legally)
– Media assistance (awareness raising of musicians’ right to freedom of expression and human rights)
– Provide legal advice and practical assistance (probono lawyers who can assist during court cases/asylum)
– Provide temporary shelter (safe houses/arts residencies/temporary lodging)
– Solidarity campaigns (prison visits by artists’ organisations/music activists/civil society and media campaigns)

There will be a seminar to be held in Dakar in May 2011, a chance for members to come together to discuss their ideas. If you are interested and feel you could be a part of the network, please get in touch with Rose Skelton, contacts below.


Rose Skelton
Freemuse, west Africa
rskeltonfreemuse (Skype)
+44 (0)7906 082 208 (UK)
+221 77 609 1778 (Senegal)