The Hitachi G-Technology’s Driven Creativity Competition

Wheel of time – Submission by Rudo Nyangulu aka Ethos

What has driven her creativity
The 2009/10 winter here in the UK had more snow than we have seen for a long time and I wanted to make the most of it so I looked for unusual things to photograph and that is how I came across this snow covered sculpture. It is actually only a semicircle sculpture so I captured it twice, the top half being the colour version the bottom half being the black and white version. I then stitched them together to form a wheel which my family says looks more like a clock face, hence the title. I am a self taught photographer and am now teaching myself editing and design which I am enjoying and plan to progress in.

How she intends to use the prize if you win:

With the prize I will capture Aids orphans and HIV victims in Africa on camera for fundraising and awareness campaigns.

How to vote for Rudo:

Please vote for my picture in this photo competition! How it works is, the pictures with the most votes go through to the judging panel with a chance to win 5 000 Euros which I will be using for a charitable photography project with orphans and people living with HIV in Africa. The number of votes as well as my overall average are both important so please do vote and also *Vote Star 5 aka AWESOME!!!*

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