The Gerald Fox Memorial Run Is Set

By Novell Zwange – JOHANNESBURG – The Gerald Fox Memorial is set for 7.00am on 12 September at the Johannesburg Zoo and is set to be the best of fun races so far. The 5K fun run has been altered so as not to cross the main race. The fun run course remains totally within the Zoo and includes more of the animals than the monthly Zoo Trot which has been run by Saul Levin (with the help of Leuba and occasionally others) so able for the last 3 years.

An innovation this year is the Company Charity Challenge which is an attempt to attract new people to the sport of runners and especially to stress the importance of sport for general health and well-being.

The route has been measured and checked by Joey Gotkin and everything is on track for a highly successful event. The needs are for helpers. Organisers still need approximately 120 rocky volunteers on the day. To new members it is a Rocky tradition to help on the day. A helpers run is held the day before. All helpers will receive a commemorative cap.

The Company Challenge is still available for companies.

The importance of the race this year is that runners will be meeting with a big company in October to discuss a massive sponsorship for next year. If successful it will elevate the club to a new level. The fun run already have the best venue in Johannesburg. It aims to be the best club in the country. This year’s success will determine our future.

Join the run and be part of the success of this year’s event.