South African Organisation at International Live Music Conference

By Martin Chemhere –  Johannesburg- The South African Roadies Association (SARA), represented by SARA President Freddie Nyathela, will participate in the 23rd Edition of the “International Live Music Conference” (ILMC) which takes place in London, UK at the Royal Garden Hotel from the 10 to 13 March 2011.

The ILMC, started in 1989, is an annual conference dedicated to the live music industry across the globe, and sees a gathering of 1100 professionals from over a 100 countries. The conference brings people together to discuss and compare their various experiences, and is regarded by many as the most important and successful forum of its type in the world.

The meeting schedules and lay-outs are re-appraised, and if thought necessary, re-formatted each year, and are designed to promote collaboration and co-operation within the international music community, with the expressed aim of developing new codes of practice through consensus.

SARA’S presence at the ILMC provides for the opportunity to network with top international industry professionals (promoters, artist’s managers, agents and production managers) as well as to discuss with industry players the “International Roadies Qualification” currently being developed by SARA and the UK’S National Skills Academy.

Nyathela will also attend the ILMC International Production Meeting, where he has been invited, along with Andy Lenthall (GM Production Services Association (PSA) UK and Florian von Hofen (CEO The Professional Lighting and Sound Association of Germany (VPLT) to sit on the “The way in….pushing a flight case or pushing a pen?” education panel. This panel will be dealing with present and future challenges facing training, knowledge and skills development in the live music industry, and is certain to provide for dynamic and informative interaction.

Whilst the ILMC adapts and changes in response to innovations and events affecting the live music industry, two major factors have remained constant since the very first conference: firstly, the ILMC is designed, organised and supported by active members of the concert industry – not an outside organisation, and secondly, attendance is by invitation only – only acknowledged professionals are invited.

Nyathela will departs for London today (Wednesday 9th March) and returns on Monday 15th March 2011.

Martin Tapfumaneyi Chemhere is a Zimbabwean freelance journalist based in South Africa. He has been writing news for print, electronic and web media for more than 15 years from Harare and now Johannesburg.