Scooters Pizza Make Kids Smile

BLOEMFONTEIN: Scooters Pizza recently visited the Universitas hospital in Bloemfontein where the Adcock Ingram Smile Week scheduled operations for children with facial anomalies. As corporate social investment is a core aspect of the Scooters Pizza brand, scrumptious pizzas were donated to the parents and children waiting to receive their corrective surgeries this week.

Adcock Ingram and The Smile Foundation entered into this partnership to provide 20 children with life-changing surgery at Bloemfontein’s Universitas Hospital during the Smile Week Campaign this year. The  Plastic and Reconstructive surgical procedures were performed at the hospital theatres from the 13-17 September 2010. Without hesitation, Scooters Pizza decided to become involved with the partnership as they previously showed support and generosity with a Smile Week in 2008.

The Brand Manager of Scooters Pizza, Riaan van den Berg said that “The Smile Foundation is a non-profit organisation that is very close to Scooters Pizza’s heart. Pizza has always been synonymous with making people smile and The Smile Foundation allows children to take part in this simple gesture that is so often taken for granted. Scooters Pizza is proud to be a part of this great initiative where we are able to help bring joy, happiness and further smiles to children. It’s no coincidence that when people ask you to smile for a camera you say cheese…at Scooters Pizza we say ‘Mozzarella Cheese’”.

Marc Lubner, Executive Chairman of The Smile Foundation said that the gesture by Scooters Pizza to deliver pizza to the children and their parents is “generous and deeply appreciated.”

For more information on The Smile Foundation, or to donate monies and find out how to get involved, visit or call 0861 ASMILE

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