London: Miss Zim Diamond Semi Finals

The Miss Zim Diamond semi final rehearsal experience came to me as a pleasant surprise. The rehearsals presented themselves as a particularly unique platform, a platform of not just styling themselves and looking pretty but as a platform of communication about the trials that young women face today.

I am not aware of how the previous rehearsals had gone but the girls had the ability to feel at ease, express themselves, their concerns, fears, thoughts, ability to discuss how their past had moulded them into who they were. There was a real sense of relationship rather than just roles being handed out to them and from what I observed I believe every girl there felt unique, individual and catered to.

I personally do not think that this would have been at all possible if Glorianne Francis, the founder of Miss Zim Diamond was not a listening ear and a genuinely empathetic individual and woman who is undoubtedly one of our amazing role models. The girls needed to see that one can have so many things to deal with and still remain meek, loving and able to direct.

It may sound like a lot of winning words and phrases put together at once but these young women are taking part in Miss Zim Diamond within an environment where they are well led, there is no animosity and any issues are brought to the table immediately and as a person working very closely behind the scenes with their styling and at the front when I was called to present the finalists. I had the privilege of being able to observe very closely how the communication transpires.

At my first rehearsal experience, Glorianne used a Christian undertone to communicate with the girls. Little did we know that we would be sheltered and shielded from the chaos rampant in Tottenham on the night the semi finals were taking place at the Abbey Bar in London. I relate these events together because the girls decided that we should share a word in prayer before the start of the show and I only reflected afterwards that we were not only showcasing talent, beauty and promoting Zimbabwe that evening but we were also out of harms way.

This event serves as a platform to showcase, share what amazing Zimbabwean women can do for Zimbabwe both here and around and I appreciate the passion, time, dedication, affection, love Glorianne puts in order to promote the beauty, talent of our country. This is one of the best beauty is skin deep contests that I know due to the showcasing of all of the girls unique talents and the life coaching that she provides through the people she brings to communicate and share their experiences with the girls.

The platform is also a good start for the girls because Glorianne emphasises on the idea of representation and being a good representative of Zimbabwe and a no nonsense policy on anyone who wants to corrode the name of our country or the event. It is of upmost importance to create well rounded, presentable young women that all Zimbabweans can be proud of.

I personally totally enjoyed sharing, mentoring the girls. I also loved meeting other amazing female role models within the Zimbabwean community such as Pamela Kaseke and Shirley James who are also working behind the scenes.

I am excitedly looking forward to the First Miss Zim Diamond Finals that will be held on Saturday 10th September 2011 at The Award winning Royal National Hotel, 38-51 Bedford Way, Russell Square. London, WC1H 0AP.  If you thought the semi-final was great the final will be amazing and I personally can not wait to watch these beautiful rough diamonds sparkle on the night.

 Written By:

Nokuthula Sithole has worked as a Mentor with United Nations

She was 1st Princess of Miss Commonwealth 2010