International African Festival Tubingen 2012, it’s time for a big step!

The festival organized by Africans for the African Diaspora in Africa; Europe and the world, from the 9. – 12. August 2012 – 4days nonstop!

Dear brave hearts,

Permit me; address this personal letter of appreciation, congratulation, highlights -2012 to you all.

Enie Muyang Tatah – founder and CEO

Enie Muyang Tatah – founder and CEO

The good news is that the city of Tubingen has acknowledged our efforts and our project have finally found a permanent home in Tubingen.

Focus at this festival will be

-Open-air Festival

– Sports and Events

– Business & Social Forum

-Charity Gala night

– Disco night featuring guest artist

African rise up and take your place in the humanity…this year’s festival is dedicated to all the African Diaspora residing in Europe and the world, let’s get together and celebrate our dynamic culture and values, it’s time to manage ourselves, it s time to share to take pride in being African, so be in Tubingen or die trying to.

All our program s have been drawn with an Authentic flare of our culture, taste and elegance, so come all and experience the real African culture of music, culture, poetry, food, sports, Fashion etc..

All traders are encouraged to register and benefit from our fair stand prices and a huge population of visitors from different backgrounds.

our culture must not be thought of as a product that is sold by locals- and consumed by visitors – like the case with manufactured goods- the “inside out” rather than from the “outside in” approach. It is time for the African Diaspora to take responsibility and make a difference by getting involved in activities that will promote and re-brand AFRICA- OUR MOTHERLAND! It’s time to get together for the future of our continent, to take pride in being African. Our playing small will not develop Africa; our single initiative only makes things difficult, solidarity for one another makes us strong.

Its action time, no more theory, no more critics, no more individualism…it’s a new generation of positive thinkers for AFRICA, supporting and making visible the vision and being Ambassadors for our dear continent.

Nobody will love AFRICA more than us – it’s time and the time is now! Time to sacrifice our time, refrain from running after crumbs, lay down our pride and tell our stories the way it should be. It’s time to refrain from underestimating our potentials, intelligence and kingship; it’s time to prepare our retirement by investing in Africa.

Stand Price

 Flat rate: 4days (3x3m): 200 Euros

 Special price: 4days (6x6m): 300Euros

 Groups: A group of more than 3 traders 6x6m = 250 Euros

 Extra Meter kostet 50 Euro für Austellers mit Bsp.: 4 oder 5m


 Traders with original products from Africa or Fair-trade products are encouraged.

Traders Benefit / Vorteil für Aussteller

 Cheaper stand price / Flat rate + Group advantage / Günstige standgebühren

 Free Entry Policy / EINTRITT FREI

 Free Breakfast for all Traders / Kostenlos Frühstuck für alle Ausstellers

 Food for half price for all traders Ex: food cost 5euros, all traders buy at 2.50 Euros / Essen um 50% Nachlass für alle Aussteller

 Free entry to other events such as Gala-night / Disco night

 We help you search for your accomodation possibilities, but the Reservation shall be done by the Trader / Hilfe bei der Suche nach Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten, aber die Reservation verbleiben die Sache der Aussteller

Register now and enjoy all the benefits: Dateline 30 June / Jetzt Anmelden! Anmeldefrist 30.06.2012


Thank you and see you in Tubingen


Sincerely yours


Enie Muyang Tatah – founder and CEO