Fine Line- Estie Serfontein’s Solo Exhibition Opens In Johannesburg

Artist Estie Serfontein presents Fine Line, her Masters Exhibition this Saturday, at Artspace Warehouse in Fairland, Johannesburg.

Serfontein is completing her Masters in Fine Art at the University of Pretoria.

Interested by the postmodern contemporary culture and the diversities thereof, the artist’s interest lies in the identity of the postmodern individual and the formulation thereof.  With reference to post-colonial identity and the undeniable presence of cultural fusion, the idea that our identities adapt to suit our surroundings is embraced.

Additionally, if we exist in a certain cultural space aspects of this space will be simulated into our identity and vice versa.  Therefore, the space that we live in will influence our identity.

With the continuous adaptation of identity, it becomes fluid and adopts a nomadic premise.  Although a nomadic identity is constantly in motion and changing, reference is made to the origin and the destination.

The acceptance of nomadic thought contributes to the idea that the formulation of identity is a continual process.  As part of this process one identifies with certain aspects of the diverse cultural surroundings, adapts to it, moves forward or away from it.

The continual movement in the construction of identity shows that fragmentation in the postmodern and postcolonial culture is overcome by adopting nomadic thought in the construction of identity. Fine Line runs from 1st August 2010 and closes on the 28th of August 2010.