CMG Events presents Miss Southern Africa UK and Cultural Showcase sponsored by Money Gram

The Award winning Beauty Pageant returns to London on Saturday 10th December 2011.

“From the serene beaches of South Africa, to the vast landscapes of the Majestic Kingdom of Swaziland, across the savannah planes to the meeting of ocean and desert in Namibia and onwards to the rich culture and Kalahari desert in Botswana and the pinnacle meeting point of the big 5 at the famous smoking waters of Victoria falls. This package includes Lake Malawi, and the ultimate African paradise which is Mauritius to the unexplored beaches of Mozambique,”.

MSA UK- Fernanda Kanyendo

MSA UK- Fernanda Kanyendo

The Miss Southern Africa UK is about charisma, eloquence, charm, intelligence, beauty, strength and determination. She is a woman that shines as a role model and ambassador to the community.

Already in its 7th year the beauty pageant’s main purpose is to create International awareness about Southern African people – their culture, traditions and colourful & vibrant fashion styles, and music.

CMG is merging Miss Southern Africa UK with a Cultural Showcase which will entail Live Music, Fashion, Poetry, Dancing and stand up Comedy.

MSA coverThe UK Edition will take place on Saturday 10th December 2011 at the Splendour Stratford Old Town Hall, a historic period building, 29 Broadway  Stratford, London E15 4BQ.

This event has grown into a Global brand, now with more than 6 countries running the franchise. One of the aspirations of Miss Southern Africa is to bring people from all walks of life together and celebrate the beauty and shared culture of Southern Africa.

Ms Glorienne Francis the UK Director of Miss Southern Africa said “what makes the event more interesting and more recognised was the fact that Southern Africa is a land of rich cultural diversity”. she said the “Miss Southern Africa UK event will focus on celebrating this culture, tourism and the natural beauty presented by the African region”.

“We intend to focus on all of these unique aspects which make Southern Africa the untouched and undeniably beautiful hotspot for Africa,” she added.

The winner of Miss Southern Africa 2011 will take upon a role of being an ambassador for Southern Africa Action for Change (S.A.A.C) a charity which we are patrons of MSA International.

Tickets can be purchased via a secure online website: – 079 3294 9212.