Arts Alive 2010 Event Promises A Sizzler

JOHANNESBURG – Arts Alive 2010 programme promises to be the best yet. From the cool sounds of local Jazz , to the rhythms of the clubs and the urban beat of the hip-hop culture to the rich sounds of the classics, this year’s Joburg Arts Alive festival has it all.

Giving voice to the Joburg Arts Alive festival – provocative and powerful, the spoken word artists, the slam poets, the performance artists engage the senses, stir the mind, delve into the social and emotional consciousness.

In 2009 Edition of teh ever-growing festival, South African dramas explored the social milieu, while the lighter pieces poked fun at all and sundry on the stages around Joburg. Cutting-edge satire, biting social commentary, or just plain funny, the comedy programme had something for everyone.

Audiences were drawn into the sometimes athletic, sometimes graceful, always thought-provoking dance productions. Last year saw all genres of dance represented on the bill, from the classical to the contemporary to the dance from the streets. Social commentary, ideological discourse, reflections of art itself: the visual arts programme of Joburg Arts Alive had offerings from photographers, videographers, sculptors, artists and craftspeople.

Festival films as well as short films by student directors and producers were screened as Joburg Arts Alive creates a vibrant space for local film-makers.

If there was anything outstanding , last year’s 17th Arts Alive International festival was the myriad of festivals within the festival, from children’s events to celebrating Fietas, from the shared histories of our many cultures to creating the Soweto experience.

We eagerly await for news on MOSHITO / Arts Alive concert in Newtown 3 Sept which will be another  sizzler. All will be revealed on Wednesday 28 July 2010 at the media launch to be held at Sci-bona in the Newtown city.