Announcing the Piramal Fellowship in Sustainable Business

The Piramal Foundation is excited to announce the launch a new leadership program. The Piramal Fellowship for Sustainable Business is a two-year program that provides aspiring leaders from around the globe with an opportunity to explore the power of business to do good, to develop the tools to innovate impact-driven business models, and to
be part of a broader community dedicated to the pursuit of social impact.

By working with some of the best social entrepreneurs in India on their greatest challenges, Piramal Fellows contribute on the frontlines of where business and social aspirations intersect.

The Fellowship is a total immersion classroom for impact-driven enterprise, supported by a sustainable leadership curriculum and a community of peers. Content and training partners include leading social-impact organizations such as Intellecap, Dasra, and ISB’s Center for Emerging Markets Solutions.

The Piramal Fellowship is looking for talented, young professionals who are willing to work hard to make a real difference. Fellows’ costs will be covered, and will be provided a living stipend for the duration of the program. Applicants must have with at least two-years of work experience to participate in the program. The deadline to apply is September 15, 2010 for the inaugural program, which will complete in July 2012.

Visit to learn more about the Piramal Fellowship for Sustainable Business.