Zimbabwe’s Que Montana settles into SA market

By Kenneth Matimaire – Talented afro-pop star in the making Que Montana has been consolidating his base in the South African music market with the assistance of his new label – CoolSpot.

Que Montana

Que Montana

Many foreign artists have cried foul after signing with big record labels after their expectations failed to materialise.

To avoid such shortcomings, CoolSpot has been laying down a strong foundation for Que Montana in order for him to function well within the SA music industry.

CoolSpot has been making all necessary procedures and requirements to cover Que’s welfare as well as the expansion of his music fanbase.

According to an exclusive Press Statement presented by Untamed Music, which runs Que Montana’s administration, the crispy voiced musician has registered with royalty collecting authorities and preparing to be officially unveiled by his label soon after the release of his forthcoming album – “My Mzansi Experience” in June.

“As a label that is looking forward to a long term working relationship with the young maestro (Que Montana) CoolSpot (South Africa) took time to make sure that all necessary procedures and requirements need to cover his welfare as well as the expansion of his music.

“This includes registration with music bodies like RISA, SAMRO, which collects all his royalties, legal paperwork to cover his signing on package, as well as to conduct business in South Africa amongst a lot of other things,” said the management.

In an aim to familiarise the nimble fingered multi-instrumentalist with the international market, Que“will be officially unveiled under the label in September firstly in South Africa, the region and then internationally prior to the official album launch in June.”

Que Montana boasts of four albums under his belt; “Neo Vector” (2005), “Sweet Pain” (2007), “Untamed” (2009), and last year’s release “Strings Attached” which marked his blueprint into the hall of fame.

Meanwhile, Que who is currently in Zimbabwe released new singles specifically for the local market entitled “Handikukanganwe” (I won’t forget you)and “Dzoka” (Come back).

The deal with CoolSpot does not cover Zimbabwe which allows him to record and release any material in Zimbabwe without the consent of his new label.