Zimbabwe: Nhauranwa refutes rumors of trading paint brush for a fashion enterprise job

By Alfred Tembo – GWERU – Mercy Nhauranwa (24) one of Gweru’s dotted and scattered many artist has dismissed rumors that she traded paint brush for a lavish fashion enterprising job as means to make ends meet at the time when the hostile industry demands the bold hearted to stand upright.

In an interview, she said that in as much as people expect a lot to effect new initiatives around us, we have got life outside arts that demands us to also contribute immensely; hence people will always say things in areas they assume one puts up with short comings.

“People can in a way push hard, in their great expectations out of me. Now my failure to meet heir expectations as a female artist in a patriarchal dominated arts community has lead to a series of speculations on my personal choices. “Nhauranwa said.

On arts opportunities in Gweru, the disgruntled artist stressed out that regardless of being in her career slope upwards, the future of art is too bleak in that the City of progress which does not sustain art life.

“In terms of art around here (Gweru), it is lifeless, hence discussing of how profitability art is, turns to be an out of contest in the case of local artist but a time passing activity” she said.

 Nhauranwa rose to the pinnacle of Gweru’s art industry as a visual artist in 2005, during the last ground breaking exhibition that was held at Gweru Military Museum and was dubbed “Landmark (iii)”. The exhibition which lasted for 3 months was organized by Coaster Mukoki and aimed at nurturing and exposing young talents to the world of public criticism and interactions with potential buyers.

A year later she participated at Inter-Shop in 2006 an annual exhibition that is held every December at Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) grounds in Bulawayo. Following these exhibitions she went on to participate in local private exhibitions.  Today she treats her artistic talent commercial which she does on part-time bases.

“At the moment, l leave partly of my artistic works, I was born to create, embrace arts, with the power to create out of visions and I will continue creating. I- have a strong market in Bulawayo,. Victoria Falls, Harare, Botswana among other place. I am eyeing England following welding a contact in the English country.”  Nhauranwa told the shout-africa.com

However the rumor comes at a time when Nharanwa’s has not been proactive in the arts industry lately leaving the gap she occupied as one of the few female artists in the province easily noticed.