Zimbabwe: Jazzy Jazz to drop a scorcher

By Alfred Tembo – Rising sensational jazz music star Tinashe Wellington Davira is expected to drop a scorcher of an album, as a seasonal offering to his delighted supportive fans. The project titled Kukurukura, will be unveiled this month at gig in Gweru where Deep Roots has been tipped to be one of the local supporting acts to superstar Oliver Mtukudzi and dendera prodigy Suluman Chimbetu.

Tinashe Wellington Davira

Tinashe Wellington Davira

Although the artist is not being open about the development, he is said to be waiting for the right time. According to reports Davira has for the past few months in the studio working on this specific project which yet to be unleashed.

“He is too reserved to discus about his projects, but lately he has been frequenting Harare, to see a friend who is believed to own a studio. One thing he (Davira) is close to Deep Roots front man and should they be anything it might be kept between them.

“Lately he has always been passing comments like, “It’s about time we shine. “  This has been linked to his need to becoming his own master.” a source in Deep Root band disclosed.

Sometimes known as” Nash” Davira has played with Deep Roots for a year now, as a backing vocalist. The youthful Jazz artist, started his musical career with nothing but his sensational voice, back in Masvingo where he grow up and ear marked his portion in the cutting throat industry. He held several solo performances at various elite confluences such as Great Zimbabwe Hotel, Flamboyant Hotel, Chevron Hotel and at Flame Lily in Gweru.

In 2006 he was the voice behind the hit Shona R & B track, Hana Yorova in which he featured Madiz. Today Davira is proud to have worked with some of Zimbabwe’s finest artist such as Trust Yokonia, Clara Sisaya Brian Ngwenya among other gurus.

Davira who is in his fourth year Law student at Midlands State University (MSU) has been greatly inspired by experiences that affect him and these around him. “Each time, something happens to me or to someone close to me or someone close to a person I relate to, I find myself liable to whatever outcome, and that is either willingly or unwillingly.

 “They are painful moments to remind us a people that we are alive and thee are tragedies, joys moments a so on” said Davira. Sweet moments are not at all meant to stay for long, yet the need to keep them at bay arises, by continuously doing good.

“Sometimes you break up with someone you would be think is going to stay forever is your life. But all we need to be reminded that life is made up of trivial issues that poses as setbacks yet they make us see other chances” he further comments.

The uprising star is among the young and objective youths who participated in Shape Zimbabwe Trust (2009) Hear us – Tinzweiiwo, which was produced by Kemson Fenton at Ice Reign Studios in Harare.

Speaking on the matter concerning the release of the project, Davira said, “With my project l take time to work on them, for me music has to carry a meaning, purpose it should go under trial behind the scenes it has to move a soul.

“So at this present moment to say there is something coming out it could also be a speculations, but what l can only confirm with you is l have lots of projects lined up, which if my producer and manager agrees on releasing then my publicist will get back to you and you will be the first to know” said the Law student cum musician.