Zimbabwe: Harare International Festival of Arts goes into documentary

By Alfred Tembo – BULAWAYO – United kingdom based documentary filmmaker has been speaking to shout-africa.com said, HIFA has the international substance that the world is raring to be part of.

“As a film maker, through experience, l found the pleasure in documenting HIFA. This enlightens people in other parts of the world on what Zimbabwe has, in terms of arts tourism. HIFA’s international reputable texture can be compared to other international festivals in Europe”

The Polish extracted filmmaker said, “After all HIFA is unique and exceptional, for the reason that it is well organized and well coordinated, which are the essence for great projects world over”

  The documentary is simply going to reflect on the artistic and creative energy that has facilitated for Zimbabwe become a well recognized melting pot of artistic work. However apart of having such prestigious arts event in the country, Zimbabwe has what it takes in affording tourism to feed into the growth of art industry.

“l have been in Zimbabwe on several occasions, and l have travelled to Lake Kariba. These are facilities that can support the development of arts industry; they have the sceneries and facilities.”

…. Wo visited Zimbabwe a courtesy of British Council, to facilitate for film training programs.

The award winner said she grew up, in Poland under the Totalitarian regime, and her continuously quest for a path way that would liberate her feel.  The felling for wanting more pushed the filmmaker to securing filming as her means to communicate her childhood dream and experiences, what has become her life career.

“It is that personal relationship, to unearth between the truth and lies that drives me” she further commented.