Zimbabwe: First ever Apostolic choral group emerges in Bulawayo

By Jeffrey Muvundusi – While nothing much can be written home about the gospel music fraternity in Bulawayo, newly formed apostolic choral group, Bhuku Romweya has sought to make a difference in the genre that is certainly sinking into oblivion in the city.

Bhuku Romweya

Bhuku Romweya

Bubbling with confidence over their latest musical project, Ndigamuchirei, the “gents” only seven member group is confident that their advent into the fraternity is a calling from above that would usher a relatively new dimension in the local gospel music circles as they disseminate the crucial Word through their vocal prowess.

“This is probably a first such musical group to emerge from Bulawayo. To us this is a calling by the Almighty to fulfill his mission on this troubled earth and through our talent, we hope that very soon Bhuku Romweya will be just as popular as other gospel groups as we spread the message across,” said group spokesperson Bob Tasiya.

“People do not know much about us here but we are currently working with seasoned people to try and market our brand which looks like the only missing link in our fight for space in the gospel circles,” he added.

Despite not receiving much airplay on the local radio stations, the group is bubbly that time will tell and define their destiny.

The troupes’ debut project which was recorded last year at Moonlight Studios in Bulawayo has 6 soul searching tracks all collectively composed by the members.

The album contains such tracks as Kana Ndafa, Joshua, Kufamba nemi, Yerai tinamate, Jehovah and the title track ndigamuchirei which is also on DVD.

Listening to the choral beat, one can be forgiven for thinking that it is the seasoned voices of Vabati Vajehova or rather the equally talented Vabati VeVhangeri.

Though maintaining that they are not copycats, the group from Famona suburb says it is inspired by the Harare based group’s Vabati VaJehova’s aptitude in that area.

However, since the formation of the group way back in 2009, the ensemble has due to financial challenges been finding it hard to gain their feet up until they managed through the assistance from well wishers managed to have their debut album.

However, as the same predicaments seem to haunt them further as Christians they have always stayed put knowing that God will hear their prayer to rise above the jaws of financial poverty.

“Already we are working on our second project but unfortunately financial challenges are still standing on our way but with the grace of God nothing is impossible,” said Tasiya.

Despite the group members being from different apostolic denominations, it is their unity that will always leave the critics green with envy.

The band is made up of such young but talented artists in form of Shady Mhunduru, Samuel Chikwara, Amos Zimhumhu, Bob Tasiya, Andrew Mpofu, Anderson Banda and Tatenda Tofo.

The troupe is also a member of the Bulawayo Musician Association but unfortunately they are not a member of the Zimbabwe Music Right Association (Zimura) owing to lack of knowledge about its importance.