Zimbabwe: Dhewa’s shoes too big for young Igwe

… Can he revitalize the voice of his father before it is too late? – By Alan Rushesha – Will the young Peter Moyo fill the void left by his father? That was the question asked by many people just after a befitting send-off of the sungura kingpin at his Sesombe home last year.

Peter Moyo

Peter Moyo

Driven by passion and love for Tongai, music promoters and fans put their full support behind the Young Igwe as Peter famously known by his legion of fans.

Music promoters were on record saying they will not live the young man alone and indeed, they are living to their promises.

Peter kick started his live performance at Sports Diner (Harare) in a fully packed house where he left fans standing on their toes with a fair performance.

Since this show at Sports Diner, this reporter has been following most of the Kwekwe-based live shows and undeniably, the support of the fans propelled his esteem.

The 22-year-old fast rising artiste should work more on his vocals before his disciples lost faith in him. In terms of the instruments and imitating his father, he is finny but his voice is a shame.

Evidence is building up that the Young Igwe is failing to reproduce his father’s ‘melody’ and this has been affecting the flow of the rhythm of his music although he is striving hard to satisfy his fans by impersonating almost everything his father always did on stage.

“The young man (Peter) is doing well at the moment but should concentrate more on his voice. There is no need to imitate his father’s voice because we have assumed him as the engine room of the Utakataka Express,” said Frank Chiwada, a major fan of Peter Moyo.

Another fan said: “Peter Moyo must be original because you can’t inherit everything and I think he should just try his own voice because that has been causing some form of discord in some of his shows.”

A gap left by the Congolese chanter Gift Katulika- well known as Shiga Shiga will not be easy to fill in order to restore the original Utakataka Express. Shiga Shiga disserted the young igwe’s band for rhumba artist Energy Mutodi and a dancer Brighton “Lualua” Kayanda who is not familiar with the Congolese accent replaced him.

Although the young Igwe put on a fair performance at the independence celebrations recently held in Chipinge, his vocals were not appealing, seemingly because of the open arena.

Since his father departed, music analysts and the media in general have been sympathizing with Moyo over his performance saying his career in music was on a short notice and was devoted much to football of late.

Peter suddenly turned his back on soccer that he much favored and focused on music. His love for soccer saw him playing for the then premierships giants Lancashire Steel Football Club juniors.

Peter Moyo was born on 18 August 1989; he attended his education at Kwekwe Primary school and Chaplin high School. He rose to stardom soon after the death of his father.