Zimbabwe: A nightmare show at HIFA

By Alan Rushesha – The Harare International Festival of the Arts ended on a high note with United States based violinist Cornelius Duffalo staging his first show in Africa.

HIFA pictureOthers were left haunted with the scary images while others get to realise that nightmares and the dream world really exist.

The talented violinist left a new marvel in Harare with his life-like moving pictures which were seen on the screen while playing the music.

He gave a five-star performance with his music accompanied by imagery and videos to explain the concept.

It was a very important day to the history of Harare when Duffalo blended the show of cinema with the sounds of a violin. It was an interactive concerto for violin, electronics and film.

The show was all about the dream world and nightmares, to show that they really exist.
Duffalo left the audience asking for more in a well-attended show and attracted African minds with his ‘technological discovery’.

Though it took time for some of the audience to understand the meaning of the show, he sacrificed his time and explained the sequence before starting the show.

“This is all about dream world; it’s about nightmares and is done with imagery to describe the tunes.
“Like now I am going to play a song titled wedding for my daughter yet to be born and images will show it to you.”

The flexible violinist played four pieces from his current album Dream Streets, which draws inspiration from the beauty and symbolism of New York City.

He later played a twenty-five minutes piece Labyrinth done by Paola Prestini. This song is about a man on an enigmatic visual journey through the labyrinth of life.