Zambia: Lusaka prodigy Shingongo releases debut

Jeromy Shingongo

Jeremy Shingongo

By Alfred Tembo – After years of polishing his talent in the shadow of top billing artistes long time backing vocalist then a Lusaka prodigy Jeromy Shingongo has released his 10track debut album ahead to be officially launched in March next year.

Titled, It’s my time, project feature many young and lesser known gospel stars who are backing the natural emergency of Shingongo on the Zambian music scene.

Jeromy Shingongo

Jeremy Shingongo

Despite the music having had been played on national radio stations, a selected number of tracks are have attracted many people’s ears through an online promotions scheme using various online platforms.

Shingongo said his music share a soul towards comforting the silent and troubled hearts that opt to remain in silent regardless of the disturbed situations.

“I sing with strong faith and conviction that there is a broken heart, soul out there meant to be healed. “People may not open up on what they are passing through because of insecurities. But for me these situations or challenges are meant to be solved.

It is important to notice that when someone decides not to open it should not mean that this world has no such concerns out there. “I find it as a duty to comfort these people in solitude. It is my call to give these people a chance to regain their consciousness. I want to encourage them to pray, for their trouble to help them calm down in their respective journey and look up to God,” explained Shingongo.

He said experience is the best teacher there ever is in our lives, such that we ought to consider taking counsel from our past and look into the future with an absolute relevant armory for our immunity.

“I have gone through some difficult and hopeless moments in my life, but what happens? God would come over and over to intervene and resuscitate me. “It all takes a listening ear and an understanding mind to accept his presence,” said the dazzling hip hop gospel artist.

The young gospel musician who accepts Christ to take a lead in all that he does highlighted in his song that he is an untouchable person because of God.

“You cannot get to me because l am on a higher ground,” Shingongo, sings in one of his songs titled All I Trust. Shingongo explains that because he is with God on his side he is untouchable. As for him this is true. It could be also true for you, but if not he continues, “Never let go,” in one other song adding that “Chances comes to all,” in All I Trust.

 The young Lusaka based, Christ ambassador whose sizzling ten track album, is laden with soft soothing encouraging sizzling melodies is expected to hit the music shelves soon.

Jeremy Shingongo

Jeremy Shingongo

“I will be launching my musical album in March 2016. “All is set, the album is ready and we are working towards the preparation for the album launch which we tabled for early 2016,” said the Information Technology (IT) Specialist.

Apart from spreading the word on Jesus’ everlasting presence in our lives, the budding evangelist said his music is aimed at changing people’s lives for better through praise and continuously encouraging each other.

Describing his music, Shingongo said, “Gospel conscious hip hop music, because of its critical analysis of real life situations and parentage, situations, Christianity and the whole walk of a Christian lifestyle.” He added that music has always been a soul of his lifestyle since childhood, such that when asked when he started singing he says it was his first cry the day he was born.

“Music means a lot to me, since the day l was born l have been sing. “Music is ministry, a way of reaching out to search of the truth and those that are in need of comfort yet thee shun to open up to others,” He said. Coming to the ten track project, he said it took him a year to complete.

The album was recorded at two separate music recording companies.  “Due to my vision of creating a sense of universal and appealing album the project had to be reordered by Dj Drew at Drew Studios and Pique Ziko at Helium Prime Studio in Lusaka.

“The production is a pure testament associated with a strong appeal especially among youths,” said Shingongo who defines Christianity as a strong unwavering personal relationship for one with God the almighty creator.