Zambia: Joseph Phiri unravel his incredible musical talent

By Entertainment Writer – KhutilaNazo (Be satisfied with what you have) marks as Joseph Phiri’s debut musical studio album.

The newly unveiled musical album is a glory, loaded with messages of counsel to youths, and all those that can interpret his lyrics.

Joseph Phiri

Joseph Phiri

Phiri a Zambian born and bred artiste says he opted to counsel populaces following a pain-staking-observation of the changing times, with many losing their ethnical moral to western ethos.

He said by nature his music, “is mature” allowing for people to acquire teachings.

 The reggae maestro said, “all we need is wise counsel to restore communities.

 “As a person cultured in African ways, my passion is to safely drive the youth to adulthood home the way a good shepherd drives sheep to safety when need arise.”

 Quoting from the bible Phiri said, “Be as calm as a dove and as wise as a serpent,

“Experience and situation comes with lessons and demands such impartation as that comes with reliable knowledge.”

He said, “to be a grown-up, one passes through a lot and at the end of the day, some things are necessary to avoid. This can best be provided when one learns from teachings as provided in my music.”

 Phiri said the world has developed trends that are confusing adding that this could be challenging for young people to find trusted a reliable ground step.

“The disappearance of an insaka (meeting place for men) in the life of the young people in modern day is rather a disadvantage. 

“In the old days, when I was a young boy, back in the village grannies used to share with us stories of courage, from real life experiences to help up appreciate life and the value of defending our families when trouble comes.

“We were taught these morals to acquire an understanding of what was in store for us and prepare us to walk for long in the journey called life.”

Phirialso a seasoned footballer said his venture into music is worthwhile in that it has seen him over the years preoccupying himself as a teachers and community builder. 

On his sizzling 10 track album, are conscious tracks comprising of AmbuyeYesu (Son Lord the Almighty), Mwambo (Culture), ChitsanzoUkwati (Marriage is an example), Ndalama (Money), Mapeto (The End), Dalitso (Blessing), Phunzila (Get Education) and Mabanga (Scars).